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For a long time now I’ve wanted to make a print table. It’s quite simple really, but it’s been something on my long list of things that need attention that made it to the forefront finally because of KeoK’jay’s new designer, Genny Cortinovis. Previously we would roll out a piece on cloth and print all our designs on the floor. Now that we’ve re-organized our workshop (special thanks to Tory Stolper for her amazing powers of organization and subtle hints to get my act together) we had space to put a print table. We don’t normally have men hanging around here, but when our friend Cameron was here visiting we put him to work helping us to build the print table and also a wall of our dressing room in the back which needed to be expanded. (Thanks Cameron!)

Then Genny and I did the first test of the print table with a pineapple skin inspired design, which is being used for some dresses designed by Genny.

Collaboration at it’s finest! It’s really nice having another designer here to bounce ideas back and forth with.

I initially designed this interlocking repeat print for EGBOK (Everything’s Gonna Be OK) Mission, an international non-profit organization empowering young adults with the educational and vocational training needed to support themselves as hospitality professionals. (Pineapple = symbol of hospitality.) This print and two others are going to be used in a line of t-shirts and hoodies made by apliiq…coming soon! but, everyone loved this print so we’ve decided to get some more mileage out of it. Once again…we love collaboration.


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