FOBs and KeoK’jay team up for the South East Asian Water Festival!   Leave a comment

Three things you should know about:

1.)  KeoK’jay. Need I say more?

2.) FOB’s clothing: Started by a cool bunch of Khmer-American guys in Lowell MA who I had the pleasure of meeting last spring, F.O.B’s Clothing Co. has quickly become one of my favorite new US based brands. Their urban t-shirt line has evolved into a community-driven business catering to the large immigrant population while respectively remaining inclusive to all.

Here’s what they have to say about what FOB’s means to them:

“It can mean a lot of things: to us, F.O.B. is basically anything new, fresh, and inventive. Generally the term is used in a derogatory context towards foreigners and immigrants. Although, we are admittedly just a clothing line, we feel it to be our duty and responsibility to progressively influence the public in a positive effort through the power of art, fashion, and style. Here and now, we’ve come to known F.O.B. as something cool, trendy, beautiful, and positive. We are fully aware of the potential repercussions we may have towards the social identity of the F.O.B. slang and will continue to express our art and creativity with strong moral conviction. We would like to heavily stress that F.O.B. Clothing Co. © is in no way exploiting the term F.O.B. or the culture of immigrants to any degree of disrespect.”

2.)  Southeast Asian Water Festival: in the tradition of several Southeast Asian cultures, Lowell hosts a water festival every year where there are boat races, food, festivities, and more. This year is the 14th annual event!

And the conjunction of all these three = KeoK’jay is teaming up with FOBs clothing to sell our goods at the water festival! So get yourself down (or up) to Lowell, see some boat races, have some great food, and most importantly, get your hands on some KeoK’jay clothing! We will mostly be selling accessories to compliment the t-shirts of our fabulous counterpart. We’ll have some new headbands and bags for sale that you don’t want to miss. Here are the details:

When: August 21 · 10:00am – 6:00pm

Where: Lowell Heritage State Park Esplanade & Sampas Pavilion 500 Pawtucket Blvd. Lowell, Massachusetts 01854

Why: Why are you still reading this? Go now!


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