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KeoK’jay was proud to present our Spring Summer 2011 collection at LA fashion week at Sunset Gower Studios, with the Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show. We had a blast, met lots of cool people, and got to talk about our work with people from a completely different world. It was so exciting seeing the work made by the hands of our lovely ladies side by side with some other incredible (eco) designers: Emily Factor, Jonano, and Kristinit.

All photos by Jack Fleming

All the designs are by Genny and Rachel, and were inspired by Traffic.  As usual, they use our recycled materials, signature prints, and some new natural dye techniques. There’s lots of hand knit elements and creative embroidery as well. These items will hit select locations in the spring. We’ll keep you posted about how to get them!

Special thanks to the Gallery Los Angeles for having us, and to Mikey Koffman for putting together an amazing show.

Also, here’s some links to what other people are saying about us. Thanks for the out-pouring of support!

Fashion News Live

Disarray magazine

Wanderlust and Lipstick


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