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Capturing the fall collection in the wild: 6 travelers, 1 van, extra sushi   Leave a comment

Erin strikes a pose for our photographer.

We’ve just released our fall collection, which of course means: PHOTO SHOOT! Which also means: ROAD TRIP! Phnom Penh is amazing. It’s hot and noisy, dusty and chaotic — beautiful in a million ways. But it’s not exactly prime to photograph clothes for autumn because it’s so (you know) tropical.  Our sights on a cooler climate, we piled into a van and headed for Kirirom, a magical national park full of pine trees and chilly temperatures perfect for a fall-like feeling.

The KeoK’jay crew of travelers included founder Rachel Faller, photographer Grant, models Nimol, Erin and me, and photo intern J-P.  We arrived late at night and set out a homemade sushi picnic, thanks to Rachel and Nimol. The next morning, fueled by extra-strong coffee from the mountaintop guesthouse, the photo frenzy began.

Kirirom boasts plenty of beauty — of the natural kind. No poolside glitz here, so we brought our own glam. Rachel applied makeup and styled all the looks. Grant took the striking creations of our designs and set them against the lush outdoor backdrop. Models valiantly stood on windy rooftops and tromped barefoot through the grass to get just the right shots. J-P held the light reflector. Rachel hand-rolled yet more sushi as our van drove down a rocky mountain pass on our way home.

All in all, an amazing team effort. We’d like to think our shoot was even better than the time Angelina Jolie sat in a wooden boat with a bajillion-dollar handbag. (Love you, Angelina!)

Visit the shop on Street 240 in Phnom Penh, or in Siem Reap, to pick out the newest additions to your closet.  Check our Facebook page to stay posted as we release our collection, photographed in the wild.

Nimol, J-P & Erin chill out between shots.
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